Disruption 2019 - 2020



Inventors, change-makers and disruptors are the creators of our future. To be alive is to be in the midst of these ideas, changes and disruptions shaking the very foundations of industry, the environment and human relationships. This year’s season will provide insight into our world of constant change and disruption. The creative and perceptive work of these upcoming performing artists distill what is happening around us into enlightening and insightful experiences. From the struggles and challenges to joyous discoveries, we hope you join us at every opportunity!


This year you will have access to more ways to deepen and engage with our programs. Announcing the implementation of our USJ Faculty Fellows Program. Faculty Fellows, experts in their fields, will share reading lists and writings relating to all upcoming performances. You can access these materials online. Our Pay-It-Forward Series will continue for the second year in a row! Due to generous contributions, we have been able to provide free tickets for many of our upcoming performances. If you are a fan of Pay-It-Forward, please consider donating to keep it going!




Dynamic, hip hop duo, The Wondertwins, in mid performance. Photo by Sophie Browne.